Two inmates of narcotics case escaped from Batu Prison, Nusakambangan, Cilacap, Central Java, Saturday, January 21, 2017.

Batu Prison Chief, Abdul Aris, said the two prisoners were still being sought at this time joint personnel “Beside prison officer, the search effort also involves the Cilacap district police officers, Kodim 0703 / Cilacap, Navy Base, Kopassus, and the surrounding communities,” he said.

Abdul added that it also had been shared photographs and identity of the two prisoners who escaped to be recognized easily by the public. “This will hopefully be found soon,” he said.

Two prisoners who escaped are M Husein (43) and Syarjani Abdullah (40). They escaped from Batu Prison at 14:00 pm. Both  of the prisoner are still visible midday salat in Masjid Batu Prison at 12.00 pm. However, when the guard checked at 14:00 pm, the inmate are not in the rooms.

Officers also checked through the surveillance cameras (CCTV) in Pos Wijayapura. But since at 13:20 pm until 16:00 pm there are no signs that indicate the presence of the two prisoners.

Joint officers conducting searches by land or at sea for two inmates who escaped.

Source: ANTARA

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