Director General of Corrections, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, I Wayan K. Dusak surveyed the construction project of maximum security prison, Karanganyar, Nusakambangan.

“The survey of the construction of maximum-security prisons become one of the agenda,” said Director General of Corrections, I Wayan K. Dusak in Cilacap, on Friday (January 13rd).

Maximum security prison construction was started in 2016 by opening roads in the forest, precisely in Karanganyar area about 25 kilometers from the Port Sodong. The prison is being built with a capacity of 500 people with maximum security system.

Currently the only prison complex located in the southern part of the island of Nusakambangan. The construction of maximum security prison is more to the West. Therefore, Directorate General of Corrections has secured assets and expanding the distance control of Nusakambangan from parties who feared utilize vacant land for the benefit of the island undue.

“Later only category of high-risk inmates who became residents of the prison,” he said. It is because the presence of high-risk inmates in conventional prison feared could disrupt the treatment system of Corrections and disturbing fellow inmates and officers. Meanwhile, according to the instructions of the President, the Directorate General of Corrections also continue to aggressively move combating illegal extortion, narcotics, and mobile phones as well as through optimization of the Correctional System Database.

In addition, in 2016 the Directorate General of Corrections has procured 15 body scanners and drug detection devices to be placed in prisons / detention.

Meanwhile, based on the information gathered, in the region of Karanganyar, Nusakambangan, there was a jail or prison before, but had been closed for long and  will soon be rebuilt in the near future.

Besides Karanganyar Prison, there are four other prisons that has been closed, they are Nirbaya, Middle Reef, Limus Buntu, and Gleger.

Ex-location of Limus Buntu Prison now is used as a firing range Tunggal Panaluan known as a place for the execution of the death penalty.

Until now, there are seven prisons in Nusakambangan, they are Batu Prison, Besi Prison, Narcotics Prison, Kembang Kuning Prison, Permisan Prison, Pasir Putih Prison, and Opened Prison.


Source: ANTARA

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