CDS is a center for legal studies especially in detention studies conducting prison reform assisting Ministry of Law and Human Rights in its internal regulations. Completed with its main purpose for a better law, CDS also conducts monitoring and research in line with human rights and good governance perspective.

Legal Reform

We assist The Directorate General of Corrections and Ministry of Law and Human Rights to conduct prison reform by reforming its internal regulations to be in line with human rights and good governance principal.

On 2009-2011, CDS has made a study about strengthening Probation Offricers and Parole Board roles in Correctional Service. Beside that, CDS also made an study about Illegal Detention and Overstaying Problems in detention and correctional facilities.

As a result, this study is worked out to advocate the emergence of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulations Number: M.HH-24.PK. on Detainees Release for Law. On the same years, CDS create a study about strengthening Correctional Services roles in Integrated Criminal Justice System.

Since 2012 until now,CDS has been conducting a research about internal supervision and public services in Correctional Services in cooperation with Directorate of Security and Order in Directorate General of Corrections.


We conduct monitoring program to ensure that correctional and detention facilities under Directorate General of Correction are free from torture, ill treatment, and human rights abuses. This activity has been conducted since last year until now with the measurement tools which created by CDS to assess the fullfillment of the prisoners and detainess rights, quality of facilities and profile of the prison and detention facilities.


We conduct research on detention an correctional issues to provide data and information, Our research is used for advocacies to improve system and paradigm to be in line with human rights and good governance perspective that respect social justice. On 2012, we have produced a study about Assessment on Good Behavior-IT Based Program.