Center for Detention Studies seeks to ensure the fulfillment of the rights of detainees and prisoners through monitoring in accordance with Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners (SMR) of 1995 or what is well known as Mandela Rules and Law Number 12 of 1995 about corrections.

     Monitoring is done by visiting the correctional institution to monitor that the rights and obligations of detainees and prisoners are properly and cleanly fulfilled from corruption, collusion, and nepotism (KKN). In doing so, CDS focuses on fulfilling rights of vulnerable group such as women, children, high-risk prisoners, disability people, elderly, and LGBTIQ. We’ve done several monitoring including the fulfillment of detainees and prisoners’s right in correctional institutions in 62 UPT involving 2264 detainees and prisoners in 2015. We also do monitoring in the implementation of strengthening the Integrity Zone towards Corruption Free Areas and Clean and Servicing Bureaucracy Areas in 45 correctional institutions, reviewing the implementation of High Risk Prisons and others.