About Us

We are here to promote rights of detainees and inmates by researching, advocating, monitoring and evaluating program concerning correctional issues in Indonesia.

Protecting Detainees and Inmates’s Human Right Since 2009

Center for Detention Studies (CDS) has actively conducted many researches and advocacies regarding the implementation of correctional system in Indonesia. The result will subsequently be compiled as recommendations referring to the improvement, such as overcoming overcrowding, overstaying, high-risk prisoners, and children dealing with law, as well as improvement in public service and organizational reinforcement.



Since 2009, CDS has given an extensive contribution to the improvement and empowerment of correctional system reform in Indonesia.

Expertise in Correctional Issues

CDS has conducted various research on correctional issues. CDS is not only having a good understanding of the condition of correction in Indonesia but also learn about the correction exercise in different countries and formulate the right method of its implementation in Indonesia

Variation on Educational Background

Supported by human resources with various expertise and background, CDS is continued to be a think-tank organization on correction and human right issues. 

Broad Network

Due to cooperation that has been built since 2009, CDS had hold trust from various institution including Directorate General of Correction to provide solutions to correctional problems. CDS also builds a good relationship with government institutions, non-governmental organizations, former inmates association, and universities across Indonesia.


Our Values



CDS always ahead and brings changes on actualizing correctional system that is professional and aligns with human rights principles.



CDS has responded and given solution to problems swiftly regarding correctional system in Indonesia.



CDS is trying to see the overcoming issues critically and systematically to get comprehensive understanding about it.