In improving the correctional system in Indonesia, CDS has always conducted research and assessment as a basis for the implementation of the system. Those research are always done using rational, empirical, and systematical scientific methods so that they can be accounted for while keeping abreast of current scientific developments and issues. It’s expected that our research can improve the correctional system to answer the challenges within the current situation and condition.

     The research methods used by CDS are both normative and empirical. We use the normative method by doing literature studies supported by empirical data from focus group discussions with experts, practitioners, and related CSO. CDS has involved in developing and arranging regulations, technical guidance, and assessment instruments as well as direct research in a correctional institution.

     Some researches that have been conducted by CDS include studies of fulfilling the rights of detainees and inmates in correctional institutions, studies of prisoners’ standard of living costs in correctional institutions, special prison of high-risk prisoners, studies of industrial prison, studies of food material in correctional institution, studies of penalization patterns out of 400 decisions on terrorism, review of assessment instruments for prisoners, and others.