Center for Detention Studies (CDS) conducted research on the patterns of criminal conviction on terrorism acts in Indonesia in 2019. One of the findings is the form of demographic data on the terrorism acts conviction. We find that there is repetition of the terrorism acts ranging from smaller to larger scale because of the unbroken cycle of terror due to the strong understanding of terrorism and the active network. Hence it is important to have a holistic database related to the background of the terrorism acts that need to be stored systematically in the context of preventing extreme violence in Indonesia. To give a precise real time pictures and more detailed information related to zones, geographical and other demographic information related to terrorism acts occurring in Indonesia, it is important to include a geospatial information system (GIS) based approach so that it can be used to produce the right approach and intervention program to be carried out by multi parties in the context of preventing extreme violence in Indonesia.

The objectives of The Development of the Database Application on Criminal Acts Verdict based on Geospatial Information System (GIS) program are:

  • Provide GIS based database related to the demographic background of the terrorims acts which accessible for government agencies in order to preventing violence extremism in Indonesia
  • Strengthening electronic integrated criminal justice in developing strategies to preventing violence extremism in Indonesia
  • Strengthen government agencies in developing violence extremism treatment prevention and rehabilitation programs in Indonesia.